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Another Wonderful Testimonial

Another Wonderful PHQP AntiEyebrow Surface Piercing Cz wtmk

This pic comes to you with one of the best reviews we have received 🙂 Particularly as this client works for the Health Dept!!!

Hi guys, Paulus pierced me last Friday. I was so nervous. The pain, the experience. etc. So I was thrilled I came to Piercing HQ. Piercing HQ, Paulus and I’m forgetting the other lady (who was equally professional, warm and lovely I’m just rubbish with names) but it was fast, virtually painless (small quick pinch) and their after care help, assistance without pressure, knowledge and absolutely spotless, professional, hospital grade cleanliness and set up that would make the local health inspector jealous was both reassuring and confidence enhancing. 
I want to thank them and hope they’ll use this as testimonial for their work. I couldn’t find on websites where to add customer comments but that’s what I’d like to do. I’m attaching pic for Piercing HQ to publish or use for any purpose as they wish cause I love their work and really want to show it off. Thanks again Piercing HQ. You have made this a good memory and I’ll definitely be back for more. I cannot recommend them enough if you are considering any piercing please go there. They are awesome. I am hooked and can’t wait for my next piercing now.

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