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Ear Piercings for Children

The Day Has Arrived.....

The decision to have your child’s earlobes pierced can be a difficult one for parents. Peer pressures from others can influence the “timing” of when “YES” is the answer to “can I?….can I?….can I?….PLEASE”

Once the decision is made, the next choice is “how”? Making an educated decision is the important part.

Our opinion at Piercing HQ relies on the following important information:

  1. Earlobe piercings are often the piercings a person will have for the longest time in their life so it makes good sense to have them done properly.
  2. A “one use only needle” is the cleanest, and least traumatic method available. Whilst a needle may sound scary – the risk of an infection is much lower when compared to from a stud gun/cartridge piercing.
  3. There is no way to effectively sterilise a reusable stud gun. Whilst the studs may be classed as sterile – the gun isn’t and bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted from client to client.

Hepatitis transmission is the biggest risk when reuseable instruments are used to pierce the skin. This is an excerpt from a public awareness article on

“The Centers for Disease Control recommends that single-use instruments intended to penetrate the skin be used once, then disposed of properly.  Reusable instruments or devices that penetrate the skin and/or contact a client’s blood should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between clients. Any less of an effort harbors a possibility of transmitting the highly contagious Hepatitis C virus.”

At Piercing HQ we proudly use the BEST sterilisation methods available to the piercing industry to ensure the safety of our clients – including your little one!

Our favourite father and daughter pic! A beautiful shared piercing experience.


As professional Piercers, we will never pierce anyone without their consent – this includes children.

The standard minimum age for earlobe piercings at HQ is 5 years, however the child’s maturity level is also taken into consideration. Earlobe piercing is a choice, and every child has the ability to say whether they want their ears pierced – or not. We will always support the will of the child.

Once we have heard their consent we will do everything within our power to make the experience as easy for them as we can. 

Government issued ID is required to legally prove your connection to your child. A Medicare Card is often the easiest option to bring with you. We’ll photograph it as part of their consent form. If you don’t have one please discuss your options with us when you make your appointment.


This is what our piercing rooms look like. We find it can help kids to see this to help their confidence when visiting us for the first time,

Our piercing rooms are “G” rated and are appropriate for the piercing of minors. e.g there are no inappropriate pictures on the walls.

We can also offer to play some favourite music if you feel it might help your child to feel more comfortable. That said – we are all keen to hear something other than the Frozen soundtrack lol

Piercing the earlobes of children can be much easier for everyone when both lobes are pierced simultaneously. Piercing HQ can offer this service by 2 qualified Piercers by request.

Mum and Dad we’ll take good care of YOU too! We understand that your child’s first piercings can sometimes be just as traumatic for parents as it can be for kids. Remember that they need you to be strong for them. You’re the person who knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING so they’ll always look to you for how they should be feeling. If you’re clearly scared, worried, or upset they will be too. Try to park how you’re feeling if it’s only going to make it harder for them.

We are confident that you’ll fall in love with our jewellery range at HQ!

Whether you’re interested in our basic entry level range or something special from some of the best body jewellery artisans in the world we’ve got you covered. We proudly stock an extensive range from BVLA, Anatometal, Body Circle Designs, Intrinsic Body, NeoMetal, and Body Gems.

Because we insist on using only the highest quality jewellery available all materials are implant grade and polished to a mirror finish. We worry about this so you don’t have to! 

For this reason we rarely accept externally sourced jewellery to be used for your piercing. There are so many “mystery metals” currently available on the internet that can generate unpredictable results at best – and more commonly downright terrible consequences. Our experience tells us it’s just not necessary to take this risk.

We look forward to looking after your child with some gorgeous new ear piercings soon.

Please see this direct link to have a look at our favourite jewellery options for children. 

Your life will be easier if they love their jewellery as it shouldn’t be changed for a minimum of 3 months.