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Welcome to our expert piercing aftercare resources

Piercing problems are not fun for anyone; however, there are some easy ways you can give your new piercing it’s best start.

Buyer Beware

Unfortunately the only aspect of the piercing industry that is regulated in Australia is the premises that a piercing is performed in – and even then that’s not guaranteed.

Health department approval for skin penetration procedures (piercings) is not the same as the approval needed for a hair cut, a facial, or retail. A business’s health department approval certificate for Skin Penetration is legally required to be clearly displayed.

What is not regulated is:

  • the piercer – anyone can call themselves a piercer
  • the jewellery – any “mystery metal” could be used in your piercing
  • the aftercare advice – this has been one of the most significant areas of change.

Unbelievable right? This can often come as a surprise to most people interested in getting a new piercing.

It’s usually assumed – in Australia – that “someone else” has decided that your piercer knows what they are doing – but there is no legal qualification required.

That “someone else” has ensured that the jewellery put inside your body is implant grade and safe – there is no minimum regulated standard for body jewellery.

That “someone else” has approved the aftercare products and methods advised to best heal your piercing – no one has……..


The easiest way to guarantee that you’re in safe, educated, and experienced hands is to have your piercing performed by a piercer who is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). Membership is not easy to attain and is respected world wide as the highest industry standard.

Please see this link to find your closest APP member:

If you are located in Melbourne, Australia, and need help with your piercing you can book an aftercare consultation here.

In 2017 we become members of the Association of Professional Piercers. Bella and Paulus are proud to be recognised alongside many of our highly respected peers worldwide.