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At Piercing HQ we are experienced in working with the unique piercing considerations of our transgender clients.

MTF and FTM folks are different when it comes to nipple and genital piercings. Successful piercings often don’t follow the same rules as their cis-gendered cousins.

We think it’s a big deal to be able to speak openly and frankly with your Piercer about the desired outcomes for your potential new piercing. To know that you can do that without judgement, or being made to feel “weird”, is something you can expect from us. So whether you’re pre op, post op, or just gathering information, it’s likely we’ll be able to answer your piercing related questions.

The anatomical names for piercings is the language we will use to begin with, however we are happy to use your preferred names too so please let us know what you like during your consultation.,


Adorning nipples on your new breasts or chest can be the desired icing on the cake to complete this part of your transformation. Nipple piercings are certainly possible but it is best to wait until you are fully healed from surgery before having them done – particularly if your nipples were relocated.

The usual increase in nipple sensitivity from piercings is not as predictable after nipples are moved. Often the innervation of the nipple itself is affected and a reduction in sensitivity is likely. In this situation the piercings would be done more for the “look” than the sensation – but they will still be fun to play with.


Genital size will usually change significantly when under the influence of testosterone. This change is most significant within the first two years. Existing genital piercings can usually be kept, but a jewellery change may be necessary to accommodate anatomy of a larger size, or different shape.A new piercing is best left until after at least 12 months of hormone use in order to encourage accurate placement of jewellery for the best aesthetic and functional outcome. Jewellery can of course be changed as your anatomy changes if needed.There are a range of piercings well suited to FTM genitalia. The increased size can see piercings of the clithood, clit, and triangle, work especially well. These piercings are often suited to thicker jewellery wires in transmen. Heavier 12g and 10g jewellery usually looks more aesthetically pleasing to our clients.Elayne Angel has named a matched pair of vertical hood piercings on a transman “Dukes”. Please see the link below for further info on dukes. This link also shares lots of Q&A info re piercings for transmen.

To read a well written and informative personal review by a transman about his “dukes” experience at Piercing HQ  see this link.

Bella and Paulus were asked to present a discussion for the FTM Shed in 2014. It was a wonderful afternoon spent sharing everything we could with a great group of people interested in finding out more about the joys of genital and nipple piercings for the transman.

Here is a note from a very special transman who changed our world. 

Thank you Erik.

“It’s hard to put into words at the moment. I don’t know whether it was the act of getting the piercings done, or having them now, but I can feel my self-confidence growing because of it. It’s been an incredible experience/journey.
I had those specific piercings written down in a notebook that I’ve had for years (I’m talking start of my transition, 10 years-ish, when I was researching what was best for trans guys) and to finally have had the balls to actually get them done, I still can’t believe it.
Thank you for making that experience so easy for me, and so enjoyable! It sounds silly to say, but I really am changed by the experience. It’s exciting, so thank you 🙂 xx


When I saw my first surgically created vagina I was amazed. I was astounded by what could be created by a skilled surgeon to support MTF transition.

That said, the tissue is still genetically male – even when under the influence of oestrogen – and behaves similarly to that of a cis-gendered male.

The outer labia are usually created from scrotal tissue. It’s texture is similar to the scrotum, but it’s ability to hold piercings isn’t. Rejection risk of piercings in post-op labia is in our experience higher than in the labia of cis-women, and the scrotums of cis-men. Strange but based on our experience.

That’s not to say that ALL MTF labia piercings will reject – just that the odds are higher.

MTFClit and Clithood piercings can be useful to increase sensitivity in this area. A MTF clit is often not as sensitive as expected. It is made from a piece of the penis glans – not the whole penis head with all its nerves for sensation. Piercing may then help to focus pleasurable sensation for the wearer.

We have not performed a triangle piercing on a transwoman. We haven’t been asked for it, but wouldn’t feel confident piercing so deeply in a surgically created environment. The neural pathways would likely be different and unknown to me and therefore the risk of possible damage would be too high.

Jewellery options for transwomen are the same as for cis-women and therefore can be lovely. They can be as plain or as pretty as you like with many custom options available from HQ.

Transwomen can usually have many of the same piercings available for cis-gendered women. A consultation to decide what would suit you best is advisable.

My name is Bella and I am available for consultations Thursday – Saturday by appointment. I’d love to sit down and have a chat about what you’d like to explore in the world of piercings and help to make that happen for you.