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Genital – Male / Penis

Genital piercings are done for many reasons. At Piercing HQ we do a full range of standard genital piercings, along with more unusual or customised piercing options.

With over 30 years of penis piercing experience guarantees you will be in confident and knowledgeable hands.

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Additional piercings during the same visit are HALF PRICE on the piercing fee incl. most genital!

Whilst it can be challenging for folks to contemplate a needle and their most precious real estate in the same thought we can guarantee the piercing will not be as bad as you think it will. If we had a $ for every surprised sigh of relief we would be very rich Piercers indeed.

The million dollar question though is always how long until I can have penetrative sex again and our answer will vary depending on which piercing we do for you. That said – everyone is different and your body will let you know when you are trying something sexual too soon.

Most genital piercings tend to heal quite well due to a great blood supply and the more gentle you are with genital piercings initially the faster your piercing will heal overall. If it hurts- don’t do it – YET.

Safer sex practices are always encouraged at Piercing HQ and we will advise on those at the time of your piercing along with our recommended aftercare procedures.

Prince Albert

The prince albert piercing (PA) has long been a most well known and popular piercing choice. We can perform this piercing at a range of sizes from 10g up to 6g. Contrary to popular belief, the Prince Albert was not worn by Queen Victoria’s consort, but it has historically been amongst the most popular genital piercings, and for good reason.


  • fast to heal due to how thin the pierced tissue is.
  • doesn’t hurt as much as it looks like it will.
  • looks impressive!
  • easy aftercare. Step 1 – drink more water and pee often.
  • provides pleasant urethral stimulation.
  • stretches easily hence the thick jewellery commonly seen.
  • effective as a chastity piercing once healed.


  • urination through the piercing hole can be expected.
  • initial heavy bleeding is possible for about 24hrs, followed by some spotting for the first week.


These are one of the few genital piercings that are mostly decorative. Multiple scrotum piercings can however be incorporated into a chastity project. It is important to discuss the intended use for your new scrotum piercings with us during your consultation so that we can offer you practical advice regarding jewellery thickness and design.

Frenum/Lorum (low frenum)

Frenum piercings are a great place to start if you are new to the experience of genital piercings. They are relatively easy to get and heal given the skin holding them is usually quite thin. A frenum piercing is traditionally single, but they can can be done all the way down the penile shaft to the “lorum” (low frenum) at the base of the shaft. Healed frenum piercings can also be used to wear “frenum loops” which sit behind the head of the penis for increased sexual stimulation for both the wearer and partner.


Piercings can be done all the way along the penile shaft. Usually on the underside to reduce the risk of rejection, however we have had some folks successfully heal along the topside but rejection is more likely. 


This piercing is all about YOU! It is placed in the perineum between the scrotum and the anus. Ideally it is located in a position to provide pleasurable prostate stimulation if gently tugged during intercourse / orgasm. 12g jewellery is an advisable minimum jewellery thickness for this piercing.

Specialty Genital Piercings

There are times when we are either asked to do some of the less “common” genital piercings, or need to develop a unique piercing solution due to anatomy or the intended use for the piercing. It is under these circumstances that it is wise to choose a very experienced genital Piercer to look after you. Please see this link for an article we wrote recently about one of the more unusual genital piercings – the shaft reverse prince albert.

Reverse PA




Custom Solutions

Genital Beading

We install implant grade silicone beads in a range of sizes at HQ.
We commonly do them in groups of 3 at a time – but singularly is fine too!

There are different post procedure considerations for you to think about regarding how the beads are placed initially. If the beads are placed in a line, vertically or horizontally, then you shouldn’t move the penile shaft skin at all for 30 days in order to give the connective tissue a chance to anchor the beads in their “pocket”.

That said, even if you can refrain from masturbation/sex for 30 days there is still a possibility that the beads might shift slightly from their original position.

If the beads are placed more randomly on the shaft then you should be able to gently resume normal activities after the sutures have been removed so usually 10-14 days.