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Dermal Anchors and Surface Piercings

At Piercing HQ we offer two types of surface piercings – dermal anchors and surface barbells. Both of these piercings are performed with a dermal punch instead of a needle for better results.


Dermal anchors are single point piercings that are held in place by a small metal “foot” that is inserted under the skin. This foot has a short post attached to it that the ends screw on to. They usually don’t hurt much to get done and should be just as quick as a regular piercing. It’s best to consider dermals “semi-permanent” piercings rather than permanent like other piercings such as the nostril. The chances of keeping your dermal increase significantly if you have the right jewellery, the right placement, AND correct care – but they don’t often forgive you if any of these factors are not present. Rejection is often the result if a dermal anchor receives rough treatment.

Surface Piercings


Surface barbells are usually more stable than dermal anchors under the same conditions listed above i.e gentle treatment. The initial ends on both styles of jewellery can be changed after the piercings have healed and it is advisable to ensure they have a low profile to minimise the jewellery being caught. Changes are best done by your Piercer.