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At Piercing HQ we offer a complete range of genital piercings, all performed in a completely professional and private environment. It is important to speak to us freely about what it is that you are hoping to achieve from your genital piercings. Depending on your motivation behind the piercings we will be able to suggest the best piercing and jewellery combination that is most likely to result in a successful outcome for you.

We are all different and there is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to genitals. For example:

  • Do you prefer your clitoris stimulated directly or indirectly?
  • Do you only like the look of labia piercings or are you planning to lock the rings together for chastity?

We are happy to offer a consultation service to help you decide which piercings will suit your anatomy and your goals.

Whilst we have provided a brief summary of standard genital piercings here we have chosen not to go into a lot of detail. Genital piercings are often best discussed in person which we are always happy to do as part of your genital consultation.

Some clients are purely interested in genital piercings for the way they look – and that’s totally fine too. There are many beautiful jewellery options available for you to choose from, whether your intentions are for practicality or purely aesthetic.



Additional piercings during the same visit are HALF PRICE on the piercing fee incl. most genital!

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Clitoral Hood

“X” marks the spot with a clithood piercing which can also be useful in guiding partners to your “magic button”, and to increase the clitoral stimulation received during penetrative sex.  Do you prefer your clit stimulated directly or indirectly? 

A Vertical Clithood piercing (VCH) can provide direct stimulation of the clitoris, and/or add some pretty bling via a gem set curved bar. Horizontal clithood piercing provides a more indirect stimulation for those who prefer it that way. Piercing of the hood is designed to increase your sexual pleasure – but because we are all unique, how we do that may differ from one woman to the next.

During a consultation for a hood piercing – that is being considered for pleasurable stimulation – we would usually set some homework if you’re undecided about which version will suit you best.

If you were stimulating your clitoris with your finger is it from the “top down” / hood between finger & clit = HCH, or the “bottom up” / finger directly on clit = VCH.

Some women find direct clit stimulation painful, and others would never get anywhere without it. 

Double Titanium Gem Curve
Plain Titanium Curve
8g Plain Curve
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12g ring nestled behind outer labia
12g Custom "Ownership" Ring
A 10g ring to complement 10g labia piercings.
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Some of the more decorative genital piercings, they are often done in pairs on either side of the labia, but can be done in any combination your anatomy will support. Do you only like the look of labia piercings or are you planning to lock the rings together for chastity? 

Rings can be placed in the inner or outer labia depending on what you’ve got, and what they are going to be used for. Outer labia are generally stronger so are more suited to any type of weight play.

Specialty Piercings

Whilst clithood and labia piercings are a popular choice, there are some less common piercings that are more dependent upon your anatomy. The triangle, fourchette, and christina are some examples that require specific anatomy to be possible, and successful. We offer genital consultations and examination at HQ to advise you on which piercings would best suit your anatomy – and desired outcome. Consultations are available by appointment.


The triangle piercing is an advanced genital piercing that should only ever be performed by experienced genital piercers. It provides deep stimulation behind the clitoris and in front of the “g-spot”. Healing of this piercing usually takes up to 3 months however once healed it’s rarely a piercing we are asked to remove!

Not all clients are anatomically suited to this piercing however we offer genital consultations to advise you of all the piercing options your anatomy will support.

Clitoris / Clit

Piercing of the actual nerve bundle that is the clitoris can be possible if your anatomy meets certain criteria.

      • your clitoris needs to be at least the size of a green pea
      • your clitoral hood doesn’t cover your clitoris
      • your clitoris sits higher than your inner or outer labia

This piercing isn’t usually advised as a first time genital piercing, however it can provide an intense sexual experience for those with suitable anatomy. 


The Christina is an aesthetic genital piercing worn purely for the way it looks There are lots of jewellery options available to either coordinate with other piercings or as a stand alone feature. Anatomy is also important for this one however we have a couple of different options available depending on what would suit you best. This piercing can be a fragile one so consider what sort of impact your sexual preferences would have on this area before having it done.