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The Dreaded piercing bump

There are many reasons why lumps and bumps can occur beside piercings – particularly on the nostril and ear cartilage – however the most common reason is if the new piercing is knocked or caught on a towel or clothing. It’s easy to forget we have a fresh piercing especially if we’ve never worn that particular piercing before – until we knock it and then the OUCH is usually enough to remind us to be more careful next time.


If you have a pimple-like bump beside your piercing we have good news!!! A new product has entered the market and we are seeing promising results with the clients we have tested this magic little silicone disc with. The discs are from the NoPull Piercing Disc Co. in the USA.

We must admit to a healthy dose of skepticism when we first heard about these but the results are now speaking for themselves. We placed an order after seeing that Elayne Angel had reviewed them on her website  and after looking at her results we decided to take the plunge for ourselves. We are very glad we did.

As soon as they arrived we had a first test subject come into the studio and when we explained our experiment she was more than willing to give it a go – after all nobody likes an angry bump on their lovely new piercing.  Our client agreed to come in each week for us to take pictures and see the improvement firsthand. You can see the fantastic results in the pics below.

After years now of using the no-pull discs we have experienced impressive results! 

After seeing results like these the scientist in me was all about the why??? Why did this little silicone disc yield such great results? For anyone out there in internet land who is like me here is a link that explains the silicone science behind these magic little discs. 

If you have a piercing that looks like this please feel free to come in and see whether the NoPull disc could work for you, or whether there is something else we can do to solve the cause of your problem. There are many reasons that cause a piercing to become irritated and sore. We can usually tell pretty quickly what could be causing your problem and offer suggestions to fix it. Piercings should look amazing and we are happy to have another tool in our kit to help you achieve that.

(We are in no way affiliated with the NoPull Piercing Disc Co. We are just happy that their product works.)

At Piercing HQ we suggest leaving the discs in place for 4 weeks to give the underlying tissue a chance to heal – even though the bump is likely far less visible.

During the 4 weeks it’s also a good amount of time to get used to wearing your new piercing and develop better habits to avoid knocking and catching the piercing.