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Threadless Jewellery

Threadless ewellery is one of our favourite jewellery styles here at Piercing HQ. The threadless/pushfit range is a very popular choice for many different kinds of ear piercings such as lobes, tragus, helix, and conch. Also a beautifully secure jewellery choice for nostril piercings.

Solid implant grade titanium posts blended with the highest quality Austrian-made SWAROVSKI gems, a lovely selection of gorgeous opals, and lots of classic pieces created to work perfectly with your existing piercings or a stunning new one!

One of the great features of this design is the huge range of threadless ends available. Many of the major jewellery companies including NeoMetal, Anatometal, Body Circle, Body Gems, Intrinsic, and of course BVLA make compatible ends to complete your own individual style.

As we are using so much of this beautiful jewellery we thought it would be a good idea to provide some extra information about how it works. The post that goes through your piercing and the disc on the back is all one piece. The front is where the magic happens! It pushes into the post via a thin pin that is attached to your chosen front. That pin has a slight bend in it which is what keeps it securely attached to the post. The amount the pin is bent determines how easily the end can be removed. Please see the graphic above.

To remove your threadless style jewellery yourself hold the back disc with one hand, hold the front with your other hand and pull the two pieces apart. Make sure you’ve got a good grip on both pieces and don’t do it over your bathroom sink unless you’ve put the plug in first! If you can’t separate the pieces a slight twist on the front piece can help.

It can be useful to know that the jewellery basically works the same way as a regular earring – BUT it’s the front that pulls off instead of the butterfly clip at the back.

Please wash your hands whenever handling your jewellery and piercings.

Remember we are always here to help if you need.