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Saline Infusions

We offer scrotum and chest/breast saline infusions at Piercing HQ. They are a fun way to temporarily(24-48hrs) increase the size of breasts or the scrotum. We’ve been doing these privately for years and have now decided to offer this service at HQ due to the amount of public enquires we are receiving.


  • infusions aren’t usually painful.
  • sterile saline is used to inflate the area
  • an increase of 2-3 breast cup sizes can be achieved
  • the saline is reabsorbed by the body over 24-48hrs
  • infusions are completely safe when carried out by experienced professionals
  • chest infusions can be done on men who cross dress
  • this service is age limited to those 18 years or older
  • the procedure takes approximately 2 hours depending on the volume desired
  • Infusions are a great way to experience various cup sizes prior to breast implants
  • prices depend on volume but certainly not the thousands of dollars cosmetic surgeons are charging for EXACTLY the same thing
  • You’ll need a bra with your desired cup size. Here is a link to a transgender/cross dresser friendly lingerie and bra store in Seaford, Melbourne

Depending on the elasticity of your skin we should be able to achieve a “C” cup result that will be at its best for an outing on the Friday night following the session.

Please give contact us if you have any questions or to make an appointment.

A great story about getting your balls inflated with saline at HQ in VICE magazine.