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“Will My Piercing Hurt?”

Now if I had a dollar for every time I have been asked that question I would be rich, rich, rich!My answer is always the same “not as much as you think it will” – and 99% of the time it’s true. We often tend to imagine the worst when it comes to getting pierced, tattooed, waxed, and the list goes on. It’s normal to be a bit nervous before getting a piercing done – I’d be a little worried if you weren’t – but there are some things you can do to help calm the nerves and reduce the sensation of the piercing.If you are pierced by a good piercer, the piercing will take less than half a second to do and be over before you know it! I’m serious – it really is that fast 🙂Here are some suggestions to help you along:
  • try not to build yourself up too much before your appointment – we can talk ourselves into almost anything!
  • choose who you talk to about getting the piercing done – everyone has a horror story and that will not help your nerves.
  • only invite those who will be a calming, supportive influence on you if you choose to have someone to hold your hand – hysterical friends do not help anyone – remember that you may not be the only client waiting and others do not need any extra reasons to be tense.
  • always allow enough time for your appointment – it will help you to relax if you are not time pressed – 30-45 minutes is usually a safe time frame.
  • remember that your body has systems to cope with stress and releases natural chemicals under duress. Interfering with additional drugs or alcohol is not a good idea and may even have the opposite effect!
  • be nice to your Piercer 🙂 A Piercer in a bad mood is not going to help…..
  • eat a snack or meal within two hours of your appointment to ensure you have enough energy available for the process.
  • remember to BREATHE. Oxygen is the best natural relaxant. Deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth during the actual piercing make a BIG difference.

With many piercings, they often only hurt afterward if you knock, pull, or put a lot of pressure on them.  So after a fresh piercing try and move a little more slowly whilst you get used to it. Towels, face washers, seat-belts, doors, eating (with oral piercings), lacy clothing, and many other everyday activities can cause pain if your new piercing gets in the way unexpectedly – so S-L-O-W down. It doesn’t take long before you learn how to move freely without getting into trouble. We just get used to the adjustments and don’t even have to think about them anymore.I hope these tips help you to have a calmer piercing experience 🙂 Try to focus on how fantastic your new piercing is going to look once it is done….and have fun.