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Given that the school holidays are on approach again, we thought it timely to remind everyone about some piercing facts.

Firstly, the Xmas break can be a good time to get a piercing that you would not ordinarily be able to wear at school. A fun addition for the holidays – BUT – that is all it will be. If I had a $ for every time a school aged person came in the first week back at school to have jewellery taken out, I would be a very rich person indeed.

Understand that the majority of piercings will NOT be ready by the time school goes back to stay open without jewellery in them.

For every story that is told about piercings staying open within the first year without jewellery, there are MANY more sad stories of lost piercings.

It is also not really practical to keep fresh piercings covered. That provides a nice warm, moist environment which is perfect for infection.

It’s better to know this and make an informed decision now – rather than being disappointed later.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the current Age of Consent legislation that is enforced in Victoria. Not only does the studio receive a fine if they are found to be piercing minors – but this legislation also has provision for the Piercer concerned to be personally fined.

The short version of this law is that any “non-intimate” piercings can be carried out on anyone 16 years and over. Intimate piercings – including nipple piercings – cannot be legally performed on anyone under 18 years of age.

Piercing HQ will require proof of age. And remember – we were all underage too once, so we are pretty familiar with all the tricks.

Please see below for further information.

Now that the Age of Consent legislation has changed, it is an offence to pierce anyone under the age of 16yrs without parental consent for non-intimate piercings – Piercer penalty $2200. The penalty for an intimate piercing on someone under 18yrs – for the Piercer – is $6600!!!

The Age of Consent Legislation for body piercing changed in Victoria in 2009. It is now an offence for the Piercer AND the studio to do any “intimate piercings” on anyone under the age of 18 yrs.

The moral of the story – BE CAREFUL if you are piercing in Victoria, Australia – and KNOW what the regulations are for your area.

“Sexual Assult on a Minor”……on MY record…..I don’t think so!

To see more check out this page on the current Age of Consent legislation in Victoria, Australia.