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Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings have long ranked highly as some of the most popular piercing choices. The jewellery options are extensive and range from quite basic pieces to exquisite precious gems set in custom designs made just for you. As with most piercings, the aim of the game is to have them heal easily and quickly.

It is initially that your piercing will be most sensitive to the quality of jewellery inside your body and cheap choices in your wallet can become very expensive in other ways.

Some of the consequences can include pain, migration, and lumps and bumps that can make any piercing look terrible.  At Piercing HQ we will never put anything into you that we wouldn’t be confident to wear ourselves. Given we will only wear the BEST you can relax knowing your jewellery is of the highest quality available in the world.

Nipple piercings are one of the few piercings that can be done for both practical or aesthetic reasons. Often nipple piercing will cause an increase in sensitivity and therefore motivation to play with them. Usually thicker jewellery will better support safer nipple play, so if that’s your thing we can help with either large gauge piercing or professional stretching of your existing nipple piercing.

Barbells are preferred as initial jewellery as this style of jewellery can significantly reduce healing time.

When both nipples are pierced they tend to heal at different rates. One side will almost always settle  heal more quickly than the other. If you know you want both done, get them done at the same time as it is easier from an aftercare viewpoint. If nipple stimulation is important to your sex life, then do them one at a time. Then one is always available if the other is tender.

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Here’s some additional info on nipple piercings for you – because when it comes to nipple piercings there’s no such thing as too much helpful information right? Over the years nipples have remained one of the most popular piercings – regardless of decade, fashion trends, or gender.

They are Consistently Popular for good Reasons:

Think Ahead

Whilst all these reasons are true – there is some extra info that can make sure that a nipple piercing brings a smile to your dial – instead of a tear to your eye!

Nipple piercings are possibly the piercing where the quality of jewellery can matter the most!

Of all the aftercare issues we help folks with who have had their nipple piercings done on a budget – a quality jewellery change has made a dramatic improvement to healing. 




Size Matters

Depending on the reason you are getting this piercing done, the thickness (gauge) of the jewellery can make a big difference to its comfort. Nipple piercing should NEVER be thinner than 14g (1.6mm). This is to ensure the piercing has some strength to reduce the chance of it tearing out or rejecting.

We have found that 12g (2mm) results in an easier healing journey for most folks so we stock a gorgeous range of jewellery in this size.If you find your piercing is uncomfortable for more than a day or so after  play talk to us about your jewellery.


Nipple piercings do respond well to stretching, but it is important to take it slowly! They can play up and/or reject if this is done too quickly. 

Talk to your Piercer about stretching your nipple piercing if this is something you would like to do – please don’t do it yourself.

6g Captive Bead Ring


3 months initially, however they should only HURT when knocked. Passively painful isn’t common. 

It’s normal for nipple piercings to cycle up and down for the first couple of years. 

If it’s particularly sensitive think about where you are in your menstrual cycle.


This is a common concern for women considering this piercing.

When the piercing is done properly – by a knowledgeable Piercer – it should not affect the ability to breast feed – if in fact you are able to do this in the first place.

We do advise however not to get the initial piercing done larger than 12g as the scar tissue generated from a larger piercing may block major milk ducts. Stretching the initial piercing should not result in the same issue.

Many women successfully breast feed after nipple piercings.
Most will choose to remove the jewellery during the time they are feeding a baby due to the increased sensitivity – read soreness – of the nipples. Taking jewellery in and out can be a bit much on top of everything else with a brand new little person in your life. Nipples can be repierced once you’ve finished feeding.



There isn’t a “normal” side to get a nipple piercing if you are just getting one. Like any piercing – go with what feels right – where have you “imagined” it to be. That is where your body is expecting it.

However – if you live in the BDSM culture in most countries there is a code.

Right side for bottom/submissive, and left for Top/Dominant. In Europe this is the opposite. But again – this only matters if it matters to you.

Nipple Play

10g is a good thickness for medium intensity nipple play – and if you have the piercing done at a reputable studio it will not hurt significantly more than a smaller size. Needles have improved so much over the years that even an 8g needle can pass through the nipple successfully.

Sexual Safety

Given nipple piercing crosses into the sexual realm, we should discuss a little about sexual safety. Any open wound is susceptible to disease or infection, and piercings are no exception.

Restrict exposure to anyone’s bodily fluids that are not your own while the piercing is healing – AND if it has gone through a major “workout” which may have resulted in slight tearing. Mild salt water soaks will soothe and assist this healing stage. The older a piercing gets, the more it is able to withstand without negative results.


  • padded/t-shirt bras OR a singlet will assist if you need to conceal a nipple piercing
  • fresh nipple piercings are sensitive to cool temperatures! Nipple piercing in the warmer months can be more comfortable
  • it is normal for nipple piercings to secrete from the entry and/or exit while healing
  • do not remove a nipple piercing within the first 12 months if you wish to keep it
  • inverted nipples can be pierced – and has long been an effective as a treatment to this condition
  • “3rd” nipples can be pierced
  • small nipples can be pierced – even if you think you haven’t got one!
  • nipple piercings will usually heal and close when the jewellery is removed
gem arc nipple piercing