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Piercer’s Choice

$0.00 piercing fees for all basic piercings on the ear. All you pay for is your jewellery of choice that will perfectly suit the piercing(s) chosen for you (Minimum total cost $50.00/piercing)

Piercer’s often have an eye for what will look great when we first look at an ear and Easter Saturday is the day when we get to experience giving you that! Of course you can say no however we hope you’ll be brave and enjoy wearing ear piercing(s) curated just for you.

We have a beautiful range of jewellery available at Piercing HQ! Whether you enjoy plain basic jewellery, sparkles and opals, solid gold, rings or studs, classic designs or the latest creations the options are endless!

Terms and Conditions

  • Jewellery must be purchased from Piercing HQ on the day of your piercing.
  • Piercings limited to 3 per client.
  • Minimum charge per piercing is $50.00 including basic aftercare.
  • No other discounts apply.
  • If you choose a different piercing then the standard piercing fee will apply.
  • This special offer includes all single point ear piercings. E.g lobe, helix, tragus, conch, daith, forward helix, rook, flat, and other placements that we may create just for you.
  • Bookings are essential so reserve your appointment today.
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