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Ear Piercings


Ear lobes usually heal quite quickly, 8-12 weeks, and can often tolerate jewellery that is unsuitable for ALL other piercings. E.g ear piercing studs. Lobe piercings at HQ can be done from 18g-6g. Lobe scalpelling is used for 4g and above.

We do not use nor advocate the use of stud guns for ANY piercings as they cannot be sterilised effectively and can cause unnecessary damage to the delicate lobe tissue.As professional Piercers, we will never pierce anyone without their consent – this includes children.

The standard minimum age for earlobe piercings at HQ is 5 years, however the child’s maturity level is also taken into consideration. Earlobe piercing is a choice, and every child has the ability to say whether they want their ears pierced – or not. We will always support the will of the child.

Once we have heard their consent we will do everything within our power to make the experience as easy for them as we can. You can read more about our ear lobe piercings for children here.

Ear lobes lend themselves to some gorgeous multiple piercing options, limited only by the size of the lobe.

The current language of 1st’s, 2nd’s, 3rd’s, and sometimes even 4th’s, doesn’t require much explanation and we now have the jewellery options to create wonderful combination sets to curate quite a stunning feature on the humble ear lobe!


Ear cartilage piercings must be done perfectly and treated gently in order for them to heal well. The cartilage tissue has a limited blood supply which means jewellery size, style, and quality must be accurate and more importantly the piercing angle must be perfect. Pressure from ill-fitting jewellery will inflame the ear and delay the healing process until it is changed.

Cartilage piercings can take up to 12 months or more to heal, but with good aftercare practices including not knocking them or sleeping on them, this can be reduced to as little as 3 months.

These piercings are commonly performed at smaller gauges like 16g, but can be pierced up to 8g depending on the location and anatomy. 

Cartilage dermal punching is used for holes up to 12mm depending on anatomy.

Additional piercings during the same visit are HALF PRICE on the piercing fee incl. most genital!

We are confident that you’ll fall in love with our jewellery range at HQ!

Whether you’re interested in our basic entry level range or something special from some of the best body jewellery artisans in the world we’ve got you covered. We proudly stock an extensive range from BVLA, Anatometal, Body Circle Designs, Intrinsic Body, NeoMetal, Body Gems, Industrial Strength, and Zadamer.

Because we insist on using only the highest quality jewellery available all materials are implant grade, internally threaded, and polished to a mirror finish. We worry about this so you don’t have to! 

For this reason we rarely accept externally sourced jewellery to be used for your piercing. There are so many “mystery metals” currently available on the internet that can generate unpredictable results at best – and more commonly downright terrible consequences. Our experience tells us it’s just not necessary to take this risk.

We look forward to looking after you with some gorgeous new piercings soon.