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Another of Our Wonderful Reviews

Another of Our Wonderful Reviews. Needle+Brand_Elly

“Pretty pretty accessories to my branding. For a long time Ive wanted to add a story to my heart branding – after alot of consideration and looking at local piercers I decided not to go ahead with what I wanted – BUT Id been keeping an eye on a couple of spunky piercers in Oz who satisfied my OCD requirements around cleanliness and experience – so while on a recent trip to Melbourne I got done what Ive wanted done for a long long time and am stoked. Rele rele happy with the end result. Dermals and mofo big needle by Piercing HQ in Melbourne, Australia.”

Another of Our Wonderful Reviews. HeartScarDermals2

“Ten days later – lufflee healed dermals in exactly the place I wanted. Piercing HQ are the ultimate in professionalism – best practice around aseptic techniques, advanced skills round piercing, a trendy and clean environment and excellent followup instructions all make for a brilliant piercing expereince. I reckon theyre the only place to go to get piercings done – Dermals by Piercing HQ, Melbourne.”

Thank you Elly. Used with permission.

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