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Scrap Your Crap!

Okay, so we’ve all made the mistake of buying cheap body jewellery, either because we got ripped, or simply didn’t know any better at the time. So we here at Piercing HQ have decided to try to help you get some decent jewellery in your piercings by offering you a sweet deal to SCRAP your CRAP!!!

We would love to FILL this vase FULL of CRAP jewellery. We’ll take pics as it fills to keep you posted on how we’re doing.
Anyone who comes in to scrap their crap for some implant grade body jewellery will receive a nice discount on their new bling.

$5.00 off rings & nostril studs.
$10.00 off barbells, circular barbells, & navel barbells.

All jewellery sold at Piercing HQ is approved for use in body piercings by the Association of Professional Piercers in the USA. Implant grade given it is going INSIDE YOU is important.

So some indicators to help you figure out whether your jewellery qualifies as CRAP:

  • it cost you less than $10.00
  • you got it from a market
  • it is turning black/green/purple
  • it is externally threaded (much of the jewellery sold in Australia is externally threaded.)
  • you or your Piercer doesn’t know where it was made?
  • you or your Piercer doesn’t know what it is made from?
  • the balls keep falling off

Of course the overriding factor that can help you work out if your jewellery qualifies as CRAP is that your piercing won’t heal. That is the sad proof of poor quality jewellery.

Sooooo if you’d like to take advantage of this limited opportunity to get some of the best quality body jewellery in the world into YOUR piercings, come in and see us on Saturdays and we’ll look after you.

This great offer also includes us putting your new jewellery in for you too 🙂

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