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So we’ve been seeing and hearing a lot recently about folks being unaware that there are significant differences in the quality of body jewellery available. Body jewellery sold in places that do piercings along with jewellery sold online is not regulated by so the onus is on you to be educated about what you are choosing to put inside your body. 

Much of the cheaper body jewellery being sold is produced in a largely unregulated market for the lowest possible cost. Many Piercers don’t know “where” the jewellery comes from that they use – aside from “out of the container” it is stored in. If this is of concern to you – and it should be – just ask which brand your next piece of body jewellery is. A professional studio will never use “no name” body jewellery and we are proud to tell you who made your beautiful new piece.

If this all sounds too complicated there is a short cut! Choose to have your next piercing performed by an APP piercer. Our memberships are conditional upon ONLY using implant grade body jewellery for your new addition.

Body piercing jewellery is no different to everything else – you should get what you pay for. A $5 piece of jewellery is of significantly lower quality than a $50 piece. It then follows that the materials used to make the cheaper option are CHEAPER right?

A piece of good quality jewellery will look the same 10 years after you purchase it. We’ve seen cheap jewellery turn black, green, the worst ones are actually RUSTY!!!

So the long and the short of it is get yourself educated, or ensure that your Piercer is.

The jewellery available in our online store is the same as we sell at the studio so if you can’t get to us we can send to you. Have a look at our beautiful options here.

We only use jewellery from suppliers who have been approved by the Association of Professional Piercers and we are proud to do so. We won’t put anything into you we wouldn’t be prepared to put in ourselves – and that standard is HIGH.

Here is another article we wrote for you that has some great information to help you choose quality jewellery.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We’ll happily give you all the information you need.

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