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Custom jewellery going to the Netherlands


This week have enjoyed hearing from a brand new client who lives in the Netherlands!!! This is the first time we’ve had the pleasure of working with an International client to design a custom jewellery project for him that will travel from Santa Cruz in the USA, then to Australia, and then to Europe!!! Such FUN. Sometimes I wish “I” was a piece of body jewellery that got to travel all over the world.

This man contacted us via email yesterday after discovering our website on Google. He was after a new piece of jewellery for his large gauge prince albert piercing that would have his partners name inscribed on it. Now wearing any body jewellery that doesn’t have a completely smooth finish can be problematic in any piercing – but even more so in sensitive genital tissue.

So we put our thinking caps on to come up with a solution for this gentleman. Here at Piercing HQ we love figuring out ways to be able to say “YES” more often than we say “no”. We may need to think outside the box, but our combined skills and experience mean that IF it is possible we can usually make it happen.

We have decided to use our in-house anodising service to create an image of his partners name on the surface of his new circular barbell. The anodising will allow us to customise his jewellery without compromising the surface. We are really excited about this project and can’t wait now for the jewellery to arrive. We will of course add a photo to this post of the finished project – taken before it leaves us for it’s new home in Europe. Bring it on!!!

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