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We are going flying outside in the country again!!! Ballan is our destination and we cant wait to spend the Labour Day long weekend enjoying Hooked Up#16. The address for this event is given on the tickets which must be purchased in advance as tickets won’t be available on the day.

Get Your Hooked Up #16 Tickets Here


If you are unable to purchase a ticket online please let us know and we’ll make an alternative plan with you. You can email us or give us a call on 9419 7707.


This is a back to basics outdoor event so come prepared for a relaxing day outside. All the benefits of an outdoor suspension event also may mean some extra planning. It’s not unusual in Victoria to need sunscreen AND an umbrella on the same day!!! 

You need to bring ALL of your food and drinks with you for the day. Ballan is a small country town so very little will probably be open on a Sunday. Think “picnic” so bring your water, snacks, camp chairs, picnic rug, eski, sunscreen, etc. Please don’t leave any rubbish behind.

Ballan has a train station approximately 1hr and 10min from Southern Cross. Click here for the timetable.


Hook Pulls

A hook pull can be a great way for beginners to experience the sensation of suspension hooks without committing to a full suspension. The amount of pressure on the hooks is determined by how hard you pull against whatever you’re attached to. That could be one or more other people who also have hooks, a tree, or your partner!  You have full control which means if it’s too much you’ll just take a step backwards to relieve the pressure. The placement of the two hooks will usually be in the upper back to encourage an even pulling force. This skin is quite strong and can withstand a lot of tension without tearing. 


A full range of suspensions are available and we anticipate an exciting day of breathtaking moments. The height of the trees on this property is AWESOME!!! We have 3 different rig styles that support a full range of suspension positions so please feel free to let your creativity loose. If it’s a possible and safe suspension position it’s an option with the Hooked Up crew!

In order to ensure we are fully prepared for your suspension please let us know when you reserve your place what your desired suspension position is so that we have the appropriate suspension rig on-site that will be needed for you.


PLEASE NOTE: Suspension and Pull payments are not refundable but are transferable to another event for up to 12 months. 

Spectator tickets are not refundable or transferable.


There are multiple ways to make your purchases for Hooked Up. We are trying to move our events to an e-ticket format however we do appreciate that for any number of reasons you may wish to have a physical ticket to add to your collection. Limited printed tickets are still available from Piercing HQ. 

We prefer Cash/Card  in person at Piercing HQ 1B 12 Hoddle St Abbotsford if you are wanting a printed ticket. 

Otherwise to have your ticket delivered directly to your inbox please make your purchase here: 


Photo Policy

Now that almost everyone has a camera on their phone we need to share our position on photos at our Hooked Up suspension events.

We understand that there will be MANY spectacular photo opportunities – BUT we ask you to take those pictures home with you in your mind, not on your phone, unless you have the express PERMISSION from the person you are photographing – BEFORE you take the photos, and BEFORE they start their suspension experience.

Some of the folks suspending have not given their permission for any photos to be taken, except by the professional photographers who will be covering their suspension.

Worrying about what they may look like in photos they have no control over, or where they might “pop” up,  should be the last thing on their minds as they take flight.  We have been told about photos appearing on Facebook without permission and this is not something our suspendees should need to worry about. Respect them please.

We ask that everyone at Hooked Up help us to police this photo policy. Thank you.


Bella and Paulus are your “go to” people if you need any assistance with anything during the event. If they can’t help you directly they will point you in the direction of someone who can. Basic first aid items are available at the medical tent.

The medical tent is restricted to crew and suspendees +1 support person. Please understand that this is for everyone’s safety.

Our suspension events are LGBTIQ friendly, KINK friendly, and we find that this makes for a relaxed environment for all. Please respect the fact that we are all unique which is what makes the world such an interesting place to be.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry.