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Reverse Shaft PA

A Reverse Shaft Prince Albert is one of the specialty genital modifications available at Piercing HQ. For a VERY long time this piercing has not been available due to the assumed risks associated with its position. Recently we were asked again to perform this piercing and whilst I have always been one of the people saying “no” to this piercing – this time I found myself thinking “why” has the answer always been “no”?

This is when the combination of experienced Modification artist and a science degree majoring in physiology/anatomy can be a great combination of skills and knowledge. We did the research and decided there wasn’t actually an anatomical reason for the answer always being “no” so we changed our answer to “YES”. We have performed this piercing with clients willing to participate in healing and function feedback – and now finally a photograph!

The piercings have been healing well and proving sexually enjoyable for all concerned. This is a very stable piercing given it is surrounded by a lot of tissue and therefore copes well with the pressures of a healthy sex life. The ball located on the top of the shaft stimulates a partners “g-spot” or prostate very effectively whilst simultaneously providing increased stimulation of the penis head for the wearer.

Jewellery for this piercing is customised on-site at Piercing HQ. It is a modified 10g curved barbell usually ordered in depending on the length of jewellery required. The first step to getting this piercing done is to book a genital consultation where we can discuss the piercing in detail and measurements will be taken so that the jewellery needed can be determined and/or ordered.

Healing time for this piercing is similar to a reverse PA and apadravya. 2-3months is common however the piercing can be used sexually well before that. As with most genital piercings it is difficult to state definitive healing times as there are many factors that will determine how quickly a piercing will heal.

The word “heal” in genital land usually translates to how soon can I have sex? We have been told that gentle sex was pleasurable within the first month of the shaft reverse PA being done. Lots of quality lubricant will reduce the amount of possible pain while the piercing is healing too.

We don’t suggest this piercing as your first genital piercing.

Here is a personal account of one mans SRPA journey.

*Warning To Other Piercers*  The success of trialling this piercing has been largely due to our knowledge and extensive genital piercing experience. The potential for a bad outcome is high if it is attempted by Piercers without enough skills to successfully execute all stages of this difficult procedure. Any piercings within the penile shaft itself are very high risk and should only be attempted by Piercers with the knowledge and experience to do them safely.